Unfortunately counterfeit turbochargers are all too common these days, and the risks they can pose to drivers and their vehicles can prove problematic, expensive and even dangerous.

Gen5 products, on the other hand, offer reliability, durability, optimum performance and a superior level of safety.

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Cheaper copies tend to be so because of inferior engineering and material quality. This can cause the turbo to fail much earlier than a genuine turbo.

A genuine turbo should last the life of the engine provided oil quality is good.

Savings in dollars initially may be eroded by the less reliable non-genuine turbo.

Counterfeit or non-genuine turbos can explode into pieces causing considerable damage. Genuine turbos are designed to be contained by housings, even in the event of a major turbo failure.

Garrett research indicates non-genuine turbos are less fuel efficient than genuine turbos. This highlights the false economy of the initial cheaper turbo price.

Results will vary but Garrett research showed a non-genuine turbo used in a testing environment achieved only 80% of the power of the genuine turbo.